May 6, 2021

Pat and Mike Discuss a Path Forward

Pat and Mike Discuss a Path Forward

 I started this episode as a statement and a question;  "If we are stuck on arguing about taking guns away from citizens, we are not addressing the real question, that is, how do we keep guns from people who would do harm with them?  I reached out to Pat Watson, someone I knew because he is a founder of a Moderate Gun Owners Facebook Group

To be honest, I was not prepared for Pat's answer to that question.  We, as gun owners, as political leaders, as citizens need to stop looking for answers to problems in the same old policies.

  • Devin Kelley should have been banned from owning guns before he shot up a Texas Church.
  • The 19 year old who killed eight people at a FedEx facility in Indiana should have never had guns.
  • Gregory Ulrich had threatened the Doctors and staff at a Buffalo, MN. medical clinic and had a restraining order in place.  Nonetheless, he was granted a permit from the local Police department and purchased a gun. He killed one and injured four.

So, here we are.

A strong social safety net can remove many of the factors that contribute to gun violence.     Please share this with your elected officials to start a conversation about what we can do to end gun violence.