March 29, 2021

For The People Act. Good for the Country or a Power Grab?

For The People Act.  Good for the Country or a Power Grab?

In this episode I speak with Mark Flagel.  Mark is an Attorney and resident of Frankfort, IL. where he is also a Committeeperson representing the 21st Precinct as Frankfort Township.  He is also a Democrat.
We talk about the For the People Act; passed in the House along party lines and now sitting in the U.S. Senate where it faces long odds of being passed without working on the Filibuster which Republicans have threatened to use to kill a vote on it.
The For the People Act is designed to make it easier for eligible people to vote, overhaul campaign finance; making it harder to use "dark money" and enable small dollar donors to have their donations matched and also work on election security.  So, is this something that's good for our country or just a power grab by Democrats?  You decide.

Below are sources for this podcast regarding voter fraud, a link to the For the People Act text and other information which the listener might find useful in coming to a conclusion about the act.
The Citizens United decision.
Presidential Advisory Council on Election Integrity
For the People Act
Research on Voter fraud

Also, I made a statement to the effect that higher voter turnout favors the Democratic candidates.  This may or may not be true as evidenced by this fact check.