Oct. 7, 2021

Anoka, Minnesota (The Beginning).

Anoka, Minnesota (The Beginning).

My first episode back after a brief mental health break.  No more talking about idiots that oppose mask mandates and those who spew garbage information about the number of deaths from the COVID vaccine.  No more talking about Christians who cry about being oppressed but have never once had to secretly attend a service in someone's basement because to do so in public would have gotten them arrested and jailed.  No more.  Not here.

Instead I am going to be doing episodes that are fun; hopefully uplifting, perhaps inspirational, quite possibly just plain silly.

This week I begin a series about Anoka, Minnesota.  Today we talk about it's founding and growth throughout the 19th Century from a log cabin built as a trading post on the banks of the Rum River to it's established reputation as a city of commerce and importance in Minnesota.

In following episodes we will talk about how Anoka became the Halloween Capital of The World, and just how haunted this amazing city is.  I hope you enjoy the change and, if you are a subscriber, continue to listen, and if you are new here, become a subscriber.